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Get back on the road!

Get back on the road!


Brakes & Rotors

Good brakes keep us safe. We press the brake pedal over and over again and count on it slowing or stopping the car. Don't take your brakes for granted! Our technicians can keep your brake pads, rotors and sensors working like new. Count on it!

Oil & Filter Service

Regular oil changes and periodic maintenance checks keep your car running like new. You've invested in your car. Don't waste money putting off regular maintenance. Just like our own health, delaying regular maintenance can add up to costly repairs later!

Prepurchase Inspection

Our repair shop also offers prepurchase inspections on any German or European car you are considering. You can be sure that you know everything about the car you'd like to buy, before you make the investment. Doesn't it feel good to make a smart choice?

Oil and Filter Service

With your normal oil and filter service, several of your car's systems will also be checked, and fluids topped. The service indicator light in the instrument cluster will also be reset. Remember, German European Imports code readers "speak" German!! Other's code readers don't!

Tire Rotation

Rotating your tires every 6 months is an important part of car maintenance. Your tires will last longer of course, but it also helps your tires maintain traction. Tire rotations are done as requested. Tire wear is checked during all regular Oil & Filter services.

BMW Fluid Flushes

BMW recommends a brake fluid flush every 2 years and a coolant flush every 4 years. Following these recommended maintenance schedules will keep your BMW running and stopping as it should.. And German European Imports has the BMW fluids required by BMW in stock!

Wheel Alignment

Properly aligned wheels allow you the best control of your automobile and lengthen the life of your tires. Wheel alignment on 2WD or 4WD vehicles should be checked annually. 

Mercedes-Benz Filters

Mercedes-Benz recommends that every 20K miles A/C Cabin Filters are replaced and every 52K miles Air Filters are replaced. These replacements keep your interior clean and comfortable.

Miscellaneous Services

German European Imports can also repair your malfunctioning convertible tops, fuel injection systems, satellite control units, cruise control systems, convert A/C systems and much more! 

Insurance Coverage & Extended Warranties

German European Imports can work with your insurance company or warranty company for any work that needs to be done that may be covered by one of these. Sam has years of experience working with insurance and extended warranty companies. If you have questions about whether a repair is covered fully or partially by your insurance policy or extended warranty, give us a call at 972-422-7780. Sam will be happy to help you. 

More Services

German European Imports can offer car repair done right, and for less money than the dealership. Call about any services you may need, including computerized engine diagnostics, factory scheduled maintenance, electronic engine control service, engine tune-ups and ignition systems, electrical repairs, air conditioning service, fuel injection, fuel pumps and filters, transmissions and clutches, brake systems including ABS lamp diagnostics, shocks and struts, starters, alternators and batteries. We can also take care of your Texas State Inspections!